Advertisement videos

At Mograph we know how to promote your business, project, or product through impactful design and animation. Our method is simple and straightforward and focuses on your needs and your graphic identity.

At first we define your message and how you want to communicate it. Do we need a voice-over ? How long should the video be ? This though process quickly becomes the script.

Once we have a script we can think about "the look" we want for the project. 2D or 3D ? Character animation ? animated typography ? abstract vector animation ? This leads us to the Moodboard that will define the graphic style of the project.

Now we have a script and a moodboard, we can work on the Storyboard. The storyboard defines every key moment of the animation as well as the final look.

Once the storyboard is done we can start the animation phase. The project may need some editing, color grading, compositing, sound design...

Of course we value your input and make sure the project is meeting your expectations and goals every step of the process.